Mind Reading Group
This Semester we are reading papers from Declan Smithies & Daniel Stoljar (eds), Introspection and Consciousness. (OUP) .

For more information, contact Joel Smith .
Future Events
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Past Events
June 2016

Abigail Connor, Barry Dainton, Luke Jones, Julian Kiverstein, John Wearden.

The Mind's Construction
14th June 2016

Abigail Connor, Craig French, Clare Mac Cumhaill, Andrew Routledge, Joel Smith, Matthew Soteriou, Rowland Stout.
The Contents of Experience
July 2015

Knowledge of Emotion II
June 2015

June 2015

Knowledge of Emotion I
September 2014

The Subjective Structure of Consciousness
June 2014

Emotion & Social Cognition II
June 2014
May 2014
Emotion & Social Cognition I
September 2013
Emotion & Expression II
June 2013
Consciousness, Cognition, & the Self
March 2013
Emotion & Expression I
September 2012
Collective Intentionality VIII
August 2012
Perceiving Others' Minds
July 2011